Slab Repair

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Heavy Duty Foundation Piers
Homesmith Foundation Repair in Dallas Fort Worth offers professional foundation piering services. Foundation piers are typically needed when your foundation walls start to sink or settle. Foundation settlement is often caused by unstable soil conditions under the footing. Hydraulically driven steel and concrete piers under the footing and down to bedrock or suitable soil will stabilize your foundation and footing. We use the DynaPier® foundation piering system. It combines both the heavy duty steel filled with high-strength concrete which makes it one of the strongest foundation piers available. The piers are installed directly beneath the home’s foundation which alleviates any fail points that are commonly seen on most other foundation piering systems.

Pier Installation
The foundation piers are hydraulically driven to stable bedrock or load bearing strata and the weight of the structure transferred to the piering system, making the home’s foundation better than new. Call us today with your piering concerns.

Fix Sticking Doors and Windows
On the majority of Dallas Fort Worth foundation stabilization projects, windows and doors that used to stick will become functional, and cracks and other blemishes can be permanently repaired without concern for them reappearing. In some instances homes can be raised and leveled at the same time. Underpinning will also stop and stabilize cracking on the interior walls and ceilings of your home.


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