Bowed Wall Repair

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The soils adjacent to your basement walls naturally hold a lot of water whenever the weather is in a wet cycle. This occurs for several reasons, the footing drain (if there is one) ceases to function, the soils were not compacted when they were backfilled during construction, poor gutter performance, and/or improper grading around the home. As moisture sits around the basement walls, it is absorbed by the clay soils causing them to swell. As the clay soils expand and increase in volume, your foundation walls cannot resist this enormous pressure and they bow inward. Depending on the severity of the bowing and the type of foundation system, several corrective options may be considered. “I” beam wall braces, tie-back anchors and carbon fiber straps are all common approaches to deal with bowing walls.

Generally speaking, the further in a wall has bowed, the more expensive the repair will be. Given the right circumstances and weather conditions, a wall can go from bad to worse very rapidly.

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